Pacific Albacore – summer and fall

This popular and well-loved fish is caught fresh through the summer and fall, and is available blast-frozen to perfection as long as our inventory holds.

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Cabezon – all year

Don't be mistaken, this is not a rockfish. Cabezon is the largest fish in the sculpin family and takes its flavor from the many shellfish that make up its diet.

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Sablefish – all year

Known also as black cod or butterfish, it is highly prized for the robust sweet flavor of its delicate meat. Sablefish is a cornerstone catch for Port Orford fishing families.

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Halibut – summer

Halibut is one of the most highly valued and culturally significant fish on the planet. It has ivory white meat that is firm and full of moisture.

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Lingcod – spring, summer and fall

Lingcod live mostly in the nearshore and have amazing, colorfully patterned skin. It is a firm, white, moist and sweet fish. It performs well in about any way you might choose to prepare it.

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Rockfish – all year

Composed of more than 100 individual species,  this fish is a seafood staple for supermarkets and restaurants from Seattle to San Diego!  

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Dungeness Crab – winter, spring and summer

Dungeness Crab is a special part of wintertime in Oregon. We celebrate this crustacean on the South Coast, every chance we get, particularly when our vessels bring home the first catch of the year!  

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Chinook Salmon – spring and fall

Port Orford is surrounded by renowned Chinook runs on rivers that enjoy protected status as “wild and scenic” waterways. On the South Coast, the sweet smell of salmon is present throughout the summer.

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